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Deep down inside, I believe you love me.Collapse )

[23] Earl Cain/Godchild
[06] Eikoku Koi Monogatari Emma
[12] Sailormoon
[12] Tokyo Babylon
[09] X [Ekkusu]
[31] Yami no Matsuei

[93] total

- credit rationelle / atsuji_chan
- textless icons =/= bases
- comment if taking, please♥
Huzzah, I made more in a semi-timely fashion!


How do I hate thee; let me count the stab wounds.Collapse )

[6] Earl Cain / Godchild
[9] Tokyo Babylon
[7] X [Ekkusu]
[5] Card Captor Sakura

- Please comment before taking.
- Credit rationelle or atsuji_chan.
It's been a while (again). Time for a shitload more icons.

'It's okay,' he smiles and says - though this loneliness is driving him crazy.Collapse )

01-20 [X (Ekkusu)]
21 [Damekko Doubutsu]
22-27 [Yami no Matsuei]
28-35 [Ouran Koukou Host Club]
36-43 [Tokyo Babylon]
44-45 [Tenkuu no Escaflowne]

- credit to tashiro_kun  or atsuji_chan  .
More icons, bitches! WHUT.


I guess I believe that I'll see you one day...Collapse )

1-14 [X (Ekkusu)]
15-19 [Tokyo Babylon]
20-23 [Gravitation]

All credits go to rationelle or atsuji_chan.
Long time no see, eh? Oh, well - I promise there are plenty of images for you all this time.


Hide ur moneyz.Collapse )

1-7 [Tokyo Babylon]
8-19 [X (Ekkusu)]
20-21 [Gravitation]
22-35 [Yami no Matsuei]
36-37 [Ouran Koukou Host Club]
38 [Fire Emblem]

All images must be credited to atsuji_chan or rationelle.

Last night, I got to thinking a little, and then I started the long process of procrastinating on my finals by flipping through all the manga images I have uploaded onto my laptop. Boredom needed a cure, and I found it in making little mini-images for the blog crew I started. No real reason, I guess, other than it was something to do and it's something extra and pretty for those of you on the blog crew to snatch up, courtesy of me. Thus, here you are- all NINETEEN images. (Jesus, I didn't know there were that many!)




I would like to make it known that these were created with the intent of limiting them to exclusive use by blog crew members only; however, I will allow these images to be used for other purposes by other people, so long as the proper credits are denoted.

More icons, kiddies! Ph33r m3.

1.)  2.)  3.)
4.)  5.)  6.)
7.)  8.)  9.)
10.)  11.)  12.)

And for mistressatma:

I should hope by now you all know what to do in the event of using these. ~_~ Please say you do....
More icons, yes- this time, that good old crack you know and love. .... Ignore the fact that this is a small post since I've been mainly playing X: Selection of Destiny like WHOA.

1.) Stupid commercialism.2.) Arrogant, yes- but true. 3.) Racial slurs like this: reason # 3,008,767 why I'm going to hell. 
4.) Blond moment (?)

All images supplied by destiny.sakurazuka.net.

Icon policy STILL remains in effect. You know what you doing take off every zig.
It's been a few days since my last attempts. However, a few days is better than a few months. At any rate, more for you, kids.

1.) Classic Beauty 2.) Did you know I see your every move? 3.) Version 1 
4.) Coldhearted 5.) Flirtation 6.) Once you're with a gentleman, twice you're deceived.
7.) Red and black. 8.) I have been deceived. 9.) Version 2
10.)  11.) Jealousy. 12.) Lead me to salvation and glory.
13.) Optimism.

I realise that #3 and #9 are, for all intents and purposes, the same- but I have mixed opinions about which has the better effect. Talk to me, y'all- share your opinions.

You all know what to do.
This is what happens when I read crack!fic. Especially involving pie.

1.) But there was one... KAMBERRI. 2.) What Kamberri didn't realise was that there was another. FUUMANA. 3.) The famed tale of the fate of a pie.

blackfruitbat, this is what your pie fic made me do.